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  • Contact lens cleaners, salines, and tablets all combine their specialties and work together to give your contact lenses the best possible clean. Cleaning solutions disinfect your contact lenses from harmful bacteria. Saline solutions rinse your contact lenses. And, cleaning tablets or protein removal tablets thoroughly remove unwanted proteins and lipids that accumulate on the surface of your contact lenses. While cleaners and salines may be used daily, we recommend you use cleaning tablets once every one to two weeks.

    Types of Contact Lenses: Cleaners, salines, and tablets are suitable for use with soft, rigid gas permeable (RGP), and hard contact lenses.

    Use With: Cleaners, salines, and tablets work best when used together. Saline solutions do not replace cleaning solutions. Cleaning tablets can also be used with multipurpose and hydrogen peroxide solutions.

    Benefits of Cleaners, Salines, and Tablets

    • Easy to Use!
    • Exceptionally thorough and highly effective!
    • Long-lasting effect!

    Guidelines for Proper Use

    Your eyes are extremely sensitive parts of your body that need excellent care habits that keep them healthy. If you are using cleaning solutions, saline solutions, and cleaning tablets as part of your contact lens hygiene regime, we recommend that you follow the guidelines below to avoid any risk of eye infection or complication.

    • Wash and dry hands thoroughly before handling your contact lenses, whether you are cleaning them or inserting them in your eye.
    • Cleaners, salines, and protein removal tablets do expire. Be mindful of this expiry date and never use these eyecare products beyond their validity date.
    • Once expired, discard any remaining cleaning solution, saline solution, or protein removal tablet.
    • To avoid the spread of harmful bacteria and microorganisms, never share your cleaner, saline solution, or cleaning solution.
    • Remember that saline solutions do not replace cleaners as they are designed for rinsing and not cleaning your contact lenses.
    • For best results, if a lens case is provided with your cleaner, saline, or cleaning tablet pack, be sure to use it instead of your regular contact lens case.
    • Vision Direct’s Cleaners, Salines, and Tablets

      Vision Direct carries a variety of cleaning solutions, saline solutions, and cleaning and protein removal tablets. If you are confused about which product is most appropriate for you and your contact lenses, we invite you to consult our dedicated customer service team who is available to guide you to the solution or tablet that are most suitable for you.

      Our warehouse stocks Oté Clean, Lens Plus Ocupure, Ultrazyme Universal, Amiclair, and more.

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