No Prescription Needed

Ordering your contact lenses online is easier with To make things simple, we don't need to see your prescription for verification. In fact, all you need to do is check your lens prescription against the contacts you order. We trust that you will order the right lenses for your eyes.

If you are not sure how to read your prescription, use our handy guide will talk you through it. Remember that your prescription for eyeglasses is not the same as your prescription for contact lenses. If you’re still not completely confident with your prescription, we recommend that you consult your optician before you order.

Shipping your contact lenses to Canada delivers contact lenses across Canada within 3 days with FREE shipping on orders over $99. Ordering online will not only save you a trip to the store, but will also save you time and costs, allowing you to enjoy the fastest and most convenient way to get your contact lenses.

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