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  • Eyelid hygiene is absolutely essential to healthy eyes and clear vision. Keeping your eyelids clean helps remove any substances that clog up glands and helps keep away harmful bacteria and protein that build up on the surface of your eyes as well as under and around your eyelids. Maintaining regular hygiene habits reduces your risks of dry eye discomfort, inflammation, irritation, and eye infections like blepharitis.

    Contact Lens Cases

    As a basic hygiene practice, contact lenses of all types must be stored in appropriate contact lens cases to ensure that they remain clean and safe to use. Contact lens cases also help you separate your right and left eye prescriptions and have them stored separately. Vision Direct stocks contact lens cases that are suitable for all soft, rigid gas permeable (RGP), and hard contact lenses.

    Wipes and Tissues

    Wipes and tissues designed specifically for use on your eyes are an excellent and convenient way to externally clean your eyelids and the corners of your eyes. They offer an ideal remedy for blepharitis. They are made up of materials that are safe to use and at the same time rid you of unwanted substances that may accumulate and block glands. Vision Direct stocks a selection of wipes and tissues that are practical and easy to use like Supranettes and Blephaclean.

    Lotions and Gels

    Lotions and gels are designed to keep dry eyes moist and hydrated longer. They are applied to to your eyelids, ideally prior to going to sleep as they can potentially affect your vision temporarily. To use, simply apply a small amount onto a cotton swab or gauze pad then apply that to your lower eyelid and blink. This ensures that your eyelids do absorb the maximum (and safe) amount of lotion or gel. Vision Direct conveniently stocks a selection of lotions and gels from leading manufacturers, including Blephasol and Blephagel Hypoallergenic Gel.

    Vision Direct’s Hygiene and Lid Care

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