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  • Eye washes and eye sprays are engineered to keep your eyes comfortable and healthy. While eye washes offer a direct and physical cleans of your eyes, eye sprays soothe and comfort you from the difficulties and discomfort associated with burning and irritated dry eyes. Eye sprays even lock in moisture on your eyes and reduce friction, which makes them ideal for anyone who wears contact lenses. To use, simply spray each eye while it is closed. It is that simple!

    Benefits of Eye Wash and Sprays

    • Soothes and relieves your eyes from dry eye discomfort and irritation!
    • Effects felt instantly!
    • Conveniently easy to use.

    Vision Direct’s Eye Wash and Sprays

    Vision Direct carries a selection of eye washes and sprays that can be quickly delivered to your door, our most popular being Eye Logic Spray.

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    1 item found