What are colored contact lenses?

Colored contact lenses are an excellent and practical way to change or enhance your natural eye color. They are conveniently available in prescription as well as plano (zero power) formats.

Like all other types of contact lenses, it is important to only wear contact lenses with the proper fit and shape so as not to damage your eyes. Colored contact lenses may also affect your vision in certain situation. For instance, your pupil becomes larger in dark lit condition while the centre of your colored lens does not change in size. As a result, your vision may be restricted.

Are Colored Contact Lenses Safe to Use?

Colored contact lenses are safe to use if you take the appropriate precautions. First, be sure to use a reputable brand even if you are only using colored lenses for cosmetic purposes. Regardless of why you are wearing colored contact lenses, all contact lenses, regardless of their type, pose the same risks and must meet certain hygiene standards.

Second, it is important to consult your optician prior to wearing colored contact lenses so that you receive a proper lens fitting and to ensure that the lenses that you will wear are suitable for your eyes.

It is also absolutely imperative that you clean and store your colored contact lenses as recommended by your optician. You must also follow the specified wearing schedule. If you are only looking to wear colored contact lenses for one occasion, then opting for daily disposables would be ideal for you.

Is a Prescription Necessary for Colored Lenses?

It is very important that you get your eyesight tested before purchasing colored contact lenses. Whether you plan to use colored contact lenses for vision correction or simply for cosmetic purposes, you still need a prescription from your optician. In fact, Health Canada has recently regulated cosmetic contact lenses and subjected them to the same standards as contact lenses as medical devices.

For health and safety reasons, we recommend that you are buying your colored contact lenses from a reputable source so as not to risk your invaluable eyes and eyesight.

Guidelines for Using Colored Contact Lenses

  • Never share your contact lenses.

  • Always shop for reputable contact lens brands from a reputable source.

  • Never wear your contact lenses for longer than their specific wearing schedule.

  • Always follow a proper cleaning and storing regime as recommended by your optician.

  • If your eyes become red or irritated while wearing contact lenses, stop wearing them immediately and consult your optician as soon as possible.