Eye Care Centre

If you already wear contact lenses or if you are considering wearing them, Vision Direct is here to help! From step-by-step guides to tips for understanding and treating eye problems, our Eye Care Centre has everything you need to know about contact lenses and eye health. Need extra advice? Our dedicated customer service team is available by phone at 01:00 to 19:00 CST and by email at info@visiondirect.ca.

Vision Direct Info

Everything you need to know about ordering your contact lenses online from Vision Direct Canada, including how to order, delivery, returns and refunds.

Beginners' Guides

New to contact lenses, or shopping for contact lenses online? Our beginners' guides feature plenty of advice on wearing your lenses comfortably and keeping your eyes moisturized.

Contact lens care

Everything you need to know about caring for your contact lenses and wearing them safely, including an in-depth Q & A with our Head Optician.

Vision Problems

Contact lenses are designed to correct specific vision conditions, including nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. Find out which contact lenses could best address your vision and eye problems.

Prescriptions and Eye Tests

When you order contact lenses, it is important to have an updated accurate prescription. Find out more about prescriptions and eye exams with our handy guides.

Age and Eyesight

From childhood onwards, our eyesight changes as we grow older. Find out everything you need to know about contact lenses for different age groups.

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