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  • What is presbyopia?

    Presbyopia is a widespread eye condition that begins to occur to people around the age of 40. It is a natural aging process where the eye begins to lose its ability to focus on near objects. However, this is not to be confused with farsightedness, where you can see distant objects clearly and near objects blurry. While farsightedness is a result of the natural shape of the eye, presbyopia is caused by the thickening of your lens resulting in your eye’s loss of flexibility and elasticity.

    As with other eye conditions, presbyopia may affect each one of your eyes to different degrees. For this reason, the prescription for your right eye and the prescription for your left eye may be different.

    What are the symptoms of presbyopia?

    With the diminishing flexibility to focus light, your vision will become blurry at near distances. If you are around the age of 40 and begin to feel the following symptoms, there is a possibility that your presbyopia has begun to develop.

    • Blurred vision when reading, writing, or embroidering followed by eye strain, fatigue, and headache
    • Tendency to read more clearly at arm’s length
    • Difficulty reading in dim light

    How is presbyopia diagnosed?

    If you experience any of the above symptoms and are around the age of 40, we highly recommend you visit your optometrist or optician as soon as possible. Your eye doctor will conduct an eye exam to determine the presence and level of presbyopia.

    Vision Direct’s Multifocal Contact Lenses for Presbyopia

    Contact lenses that correct presbyopia are referred to as multifocals, which correct vision at all distances. Prescriptions for multifocal contact lenses that address presbyopia include an ADD or Addition figure which determines the extra power needed to keep your near vision focused. It is indicated by a (+) positive number or a High, Medium, or Low notation.

    Our Most Popular Multifocals

    Vision Direct carries a wide selection of multifocal contact lenses for presbyopia engineered by leaders in healthcare and contact lens manufacturing like CooperVision, Ciba Vision, Bausch and Lomb, Johnson & Johnson, and others. Our multifocal contact lenses are available in a variety of replacement schedules to better meet your needs. They come as dailies, weeklies, monthlies, and even extended wear.

    Our most popular Multifocal contact lenses for Presbyopia include Dailies AquaComfort Plus Multifocal, Biotrue ONEDay for Presbyopia, Acuvue Oasys for Presbyopia, Biofinity Multifocal, and

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