Caring for your contact lenses

Keeping your contact lenses clean is simple! All you need to do is store your contact lenses in a recommended solution overnight and rinse them off in the morning before wear. Consult your optician for the products and solutions that best suit your eye conditions and the type of contact lenses you wear.

Why is it important to have a contact lens care routine?

Caring for your contact lenses is important as it helps prevent serious damage to your eyes and help keep them comfortable during wear. Fortunately, taking care of your contact lenses is easy and practical, especially with the growing availability of multi-purpose contact lens solutions and soft disposable contact lenses. These care systems are not only affordable, but they effectively save you time and effort.

Establish a regular routine of caring for your contact lenses

  1. Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before you handle your eyes and your contact lenses. This helps you reduce your risk of eye infection and irritation.
  2. Remove one lens at a time from the case and clean it with the cleaning solution recommended by your optician. Place the lens in the palm of your hand, cover it with the solution, and rub your fingers gently as you clean the lens.
  3. Rinse the lens with a solution appropriate for rinsing.
  4. Place your lens in a clean and dry lens case and fill it with a fresh disinfectant.
  5. Repeat step 1 to 4 for the other contact lens.

Cleaning, Rinsing, and Disinfecting Products

  • Multi-purpose contact lens solutions clean, rinse, and disinfect contact lenses. They are also safe for storing your contact lenses.
  • Cleaning and saline solutions are suitable for rinsing and storing contact lenses if you use heat and UV disinfection systems. They can also be used alongside enzymatic cleaning tablets.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions clean, rinse, and disinfect contact lenses. They must be used either with a neutralizing case or with protein removal tablets.
  • Gas permeable solutions specialize in cleaning, rinsing, and disinfecting rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses.

Quick Tips

  • Always keep your lenses clean and follow a cleaning routine. Store them in a solution overnight and rinse them before wear in the morning. Every week, clean your contact lens case with a saline solution and a toothbrush.
  • Never top up an opened solution bottle. Pour out old expired solution from the lens case, rinse, and top up with new solution.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your contact lenses. Be sure to dry them with a lint free towel.
  • Rest your eyes one day a week and wear your glasses instead of your contact lenses.

For additional guidelines and advice on caring for your contact lenses, contact our friendly customer service team at 1 800 982 1621 or via live chat at the bottom right hand corner of your browser.