Wearing sunglasses and contact lenses together

Monday, August 15, 2016 by David Blabey

Contact lenses with UV blocking features are becoming more and more popular, as they provide supplementary protection from UV rays. However, these contact lenses do not erase the need for strong UV blocking sunglasses.

Why do my eyes need to be protected?

Your eyes, like the rest of your body, are affected by their surrounding environment. In both -40 degree winters and +35 degree summers, the sun emits harmful ultraviolet radiation that can actually damage your eyes as well as your skin. Fortunately, keeping your eyes safe is as simple as throwing on a good pair of shades.

Which sunglasses should I choose?

Sunglasses come in all different shapes, forms and styles. But, before you pick out the most stylish pair, make sure they are labelled UV400. This lets you know those sunglasses will offer you the best possible protection from the suns UV rays.

So why do I need UV protective contact lenses?

Sunglasses don’t always wrap around your face completely. Even with the most comfortable sunglasses, there is usually a gap between them and the surface of your eyes. UV protective contact lenses let you cover all bases and give you added protection. Using UV protective sunglasses along with UV protective contact lenses provides the ultimate protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Talk to your optician

If you do not already wear UV protective contact lenses, we recommend asking your optician at your next eye exam appointment about UV protection and about what you can do to keep your eyes safe from the sun. Your optician is also best suited to advise you on the contact lenses most suitable for you and your vision conditions.

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